Tangier is a state of mind…

It perches on the top tip of Africa, its soul in the Maghreb, its eyes set on Europe, for centuries a cultural crossroads. Four photographers encounter differing facets of an ever-moving city, capturing moments in the Medina, the seaside forests, in stark new suburbs. They tell the story of a city steeped in the past, tossed by change, and reaching uncertainly for the future, but most of all of a city that somehow, in a way you can never quite define, gets a hold of you.

This travelling exhibition, a publication, and a public and educational programme come out of an idea conceived by the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra – a creative platform that draws on the rich musical heritage of Al-Andalus, intertwining it with modern strands. 

We are currently conducting an extensive research on the hinterland of Tangier, which will be published in the summer of 2021.


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Rodney Bolt

Karima Maruan

Hicham Gardaf

Robin Vermeulen

Guus Dubbelman

The publication

Hardcover, 114 pages, 23×23 cm
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The exhibition

The exhibition was on view at No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam (February – April 2020) and Mahal Art Space, Tangier (February 2021). In the summer of 2020, life-size photos were installed at the Mercatorplein and Plein ’40-’45.

During the running time of the exhibition, we organised an extensive public programme with concerts, talks and education programmes in both the Netherlands and Morocco with Foam, Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam and the École Nationale d’Architecture de Tétouan.


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This map reflects our findings in Tangier – curated by local Tanjawis, photographers and Mahal Art Space. Several photos of the project are also presented on their exact location.

In February 2021, students from the École Nationale d’Architecture de Tétouan were invited to add their knowledge to the map.

The map will be updated regularly during the running time of the project.

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Submissions by architecture bureau KYYO partners from Tangier, specifically focused on the outskirts of the city (June 2021)

École Nationale d'Architecture École Nationale d'Architecture

Submissions by students of the École Nationale d’Architecture de Tetouan (February 2021)

Contemporary Tangier Contemporary Tangier

All the places that are vital for Tangier, primarily based on informal knowledge. It ranges from food to history and architecture.

Neighbourhoods Neighbourhoods

Tangier is a patchwork of different neighbourhoods, these are the most important ones.

Disappeared Tangier Disappeared Tangier

Places that have disappeared over the years, and were important to the city.

Photos Photos

A selection of photos from the project, which were taken by Guus Dubbelman, Hicham Gardaf, Karima Maruan and Robin Vermeulen between 2012 and 2020.



If you have a question about the publication or the (past) exhibition/public programmes, feel free to send us an e-mail. We will get back to you within a day.


Concept Yassine Boussaid, Robin Vermeulen
PhotographyGuus Dubbelman, Hicham Gardaf, Karima Maruan, Robin Vermeulen
Author Rodney Bolt
Co-curator Nouha Ben Yebdri
Exhibition & publication design Boian
Website Timon van Dreumel
Acknowledgements The people of Tangier, École Nationale d’Architecture de Tétouan, KYYO, Mahal Art Space, Meervaart, No Man’s Art Gallery, ROSE stories, Think Tanger, Hassan Bakkali, Youssef Ettoumi, Nouredine Khatir, Omar Metioui, Youssef Sanouni, Sara Tarraf, Anas Zerrad

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